shut up , kick-ass

today, 19 march 2012 on monday my day is like uno stacko when i pull one particle on my life and throw on top.everything is not balance.blah rubbish statement.anyway today my 852013 have a new jacket its for all 852013 crew.pffft i can't share me with my new 852013 jacket but soon i will be share with you.that jacket will be use when i and my 852013 goes to jogja on 30 april yeay i really excited.

tonite i was watched a very good enough movie.i was watched KICK-ASS on was awesome movie although i hate because in this movie i found a lot bloods.i hate blood.-_- but totally that movie so awesome.

and because this movie i fall in love with


uhm i mean moretz

by the way i can't insom for this night because i must wake up in early morning.i will goes to puncak with.........852013 yeay so excited,and i think its gonna be fun.can't wait for morning.ciao!


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