let the pictures talk

do you remember when you laugh out loud with your friends?

 do you remember the taste your food when you eating all the time?

if the answer is no.just one reason you have


too much things can make you hurt. too much pains can make you forget about moment when you laugh with your friends and when you eat your favorite food. and pain can make you numb. but life must with pain if you want happiness in your life.you can't hope the rainbow in the sky if you not want see rain.

when you feel pain you should


scream out loud.tell to the world
but sometimes world not listen what you say.sometimes.

don't ever destroy your

because your pain.friendship is precious and you must to keep it

for teenagers, pain because

Highschool life

you must face all the things when you in high school.all the tings.include all the things you hate

and made you to say

for teenagers they just want to


life with


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