piece of lyrics

i want to share my favorite lyrics in all of my favorite song

"..when you're gone the pieces of my heart are missing you.." ~ avril lavigne - when your gone

"..to make you mine , and stay with me tonight" "..i am new , i am fresh and iam feeling so ambitious.."~ secondhand serenade - your call

"..janganlah kau bersedih cause everything is gonna be okay.." ~ bondan prakoso - yasudahlah

"..beri sedikit waktu agar ku terbiasa bernafas tanpamu.." ~ lyla - bernafas tanpamu

"..the 7 things i hate about you.." ~ miley cyrus - 7 things

"..i'm not missing , i'm not missing you.." ~ stacie orrico - i'm not missing you

"..Mommy you'll always and somewhere And daddy I live outta down So tell me how could I ever be normal somehow You tell me this is for the best.." ~ justin bieber - down to earth

"..can we work it out??can we be family??i promise i'll be better,mommy i'll do anything.." ~ pink - family portrait

"..i will never say never.." ~ justin bieber - never say never

"..pergilah bersamanya disana , dengan dia yang ada segalanya.." ~ rocket rockers - ingin hilang ingatan

"..lucky i am in love with my bestfriend.." ~ jason miraz feat cobbie cailat - lucky

"..you changing me you changing me.." ~ secondhand serenade ~ awake

"..i make them good girls go bad.." ~ cobra starship - good girls go bad

Which do you like?


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